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Star Light And IR

For most people, IR is not a strange word , especially they have one ip camera.


IR usually means night vision, it helps ip camera work in night. Usually, one ip camera should have an IR board which contains some IR LED lights, the more IR LED lights, the better IR night vision.


Today, we would like to talk about Star light night vision.


Star light camera menas this camera able to see clear color images under very low lighting situation such as 0.0002 lux illumination level, it is different with IR night vision, because first, it don’t have IR LED lights, second, it have different using enviorment.


Let’s see the detais:

Star light sensor no need IR LED lights, most time it depend on the sunlight, so star light camera not used for indoor cameras, most for outdoor cameras like wanscam HW0050 and HW0029-3. Also because of no need LED lights, star light play a big role on power saving concept design, so you will know thats why wanscam solar power ip camera must use star light sensor!


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