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The Rise Of Home Security Market

Recently , growing market demand for end products promotes the rapid developing of the intelligent control in home appliances, digital, electric power, networking and other areas. Upgrading of home appliances lead to continued growth in space for future intelligent home appliances controller.  In today's economic restructuring and upgrading of consumption theme, Chinese huge intelligent control industry benefits from end-market demandSmart City led to the development of the smart home.


Smart city construction is currently the focus of the National Urban Construction。

Many smart industrial research and products have been in the forefront in the world in the field of Chinese smart city construction. Smart technology in the security video surveillance is being more and more applications, such as Alarm and video linkage, Intelligent Video Analysis, Data mining, intelligent retrieval, Visual command, Massive video data scheduling and management, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Management. 


Thanks to the attention of smart city, development of smart home is also in full swing. With the rise of the concept of network, cities are racing to building smart city and safe city. With networking, sensor networks and other means to improving urban management level, achieve accurate service to the people and the benefit of the people is the highest levels of government ‘s pursuit.


These aspects relate to the city's smart home, intelligent transportation, smart buildings, smart medical care, food and drug administration, ticket management, home care, elderly health care and many other areas of digital life. Based on the government in the construction of public sector services framework, the best service is the path into family and community through intelligent smart home construction, and constantly improve the environment and quality of people’s life.


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