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Wanscam Solar Power IP Camera

Wanscam Solar power ip camera become a high light in HK Global Sources Fair!

What is solar power ip camera?

Solar power ip camera is the new technology which adpot the concept of  "Energy Saving" and "Green Energy",combine ip camera and solar power panel and batteries to make it become a new products--Solar Power IP Camera

Now Wanscam have two model of solar power ip cmaera: HW0029-3 and HW0029(4G):

HW0029-3,This model is 1 magepixel ip camera with 2 solar panels and 2 batteries.The battery can wrok about 48 hours in the situation of all dark environment; with the sunlight, the solar panel can charge the battery and keeps the camera work continuously ! For the night vision, this camera use star light class sensor:in one hand, it's power saving, in another hand, it help the camera reach 100 meters night vision.

HW0029(4G), most function is the same with HW0029-3, but this model support 3G/4G SIM card, with SIM card, this camera no need any cables at all. Put it outside, insert SIM card, you can view it anywhere any time, is it very convenient?

There are some point need to be clearify:

First, solar power ip camera should work in correct situation! As we all know that solar power products need good sunshine, the most importatn is you should have sunshine in your place! Also you need to find a good position to install this camera, and the install degree also improtant! 

Second, this camera use Star Light Class sensor, not IR LED sensor, so the night vision is different: you need put this camera outdoor not indoor, only in this way can star light sensor works!

Third: 3G/4G solar power ip camera cannot work all the countries, because different contris have different 3G frequencies and 4G bands, the best way before you buy 4G solar power ip camera is to check your 3G frequency and 4G bands。

For more information, please contact us freely!

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