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Easy To Install Surveillance Cameras In Eight Steps At Home

1. To choose the right orientation of the device camera

The need to live and work situation requires choice, others can not help you out surveillance camera bracket, ready to stuff and parts: plug up the necessary things, screws, screwdriver, hammer, drill, etc; according to the prior determination of the orientation of the device, good check up plug and the size of the type of self-tapping screws, screw the bracket to try and screw the base of the camera is not suitable, the interface is not embedded pipeline deal, test cable is not clear, when you are ready to enter the equipment program。 In the field of view to meet the pleading oversight policy planning conditions, the height of the equipment: Indoor ground should not be less than 2。5m; outdoor ground should not be less than 3。5m。

2. equipment surveillance cameras

Determined in advance in accordance with the type of lens and camera specifications, carefully attach the lens (infrared integrated camera lens without equipment), careful not to touch the lens CCD, after confession fixed robust, power, communication or on-site using the host supervisor, small television sets, adjust the aperture focal length. 3. Fixed surveillance cameras

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