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Surveillance Cameras On The Roads Are What To Do With?

1. First, the camera is not mounted on the "poles", which is dedicated to the installation of cameras crossbar

2。 Then talk about the ownership of the camera subject, in general, with the police and the public security video system with two sets of physical isolation, taking the specialized network, tentatively called "video network" and "public security network。"

"Video network" system is just set up, all with cable connection, belonging to traffic police detachment is mainly used to monitor the status of the Road Traffic (traffic size that is simple to say, whether congestion, etc.), as well as to detect traffic violations cases (running red lights, illegal change Road, speeding, etc.), yes, these are used to capture, HD Uncensored oh, in addition to "video network" cameras to detect pedestrians information, no exaggeration to say that, if closer, clear look at his face absolutely no acne subject, I'll tell you ever seen the beauty closer to the focal length of the traffic police it?

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