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ATM Machine Security Guards Miniature Pinhole Camera

With the wide application in the domestic bank ATM machine, ATM all over the streets and also because of an attack and use objects criminals. Currently, Tunka forgery, false tips, false announcement, false messages, fake keyboard stolen numbers, substitution, peep number, making counterfeit cards and even fake bank staff and other means against ATM crime after another, not only caused huge financial losses the majority of depositors , returned to ATM financial security has brought great harm. Effectively guard against ATM crime, it has become a common problem banks and ATM manufacturers face.

In today's emerging high-tech equipment, under banks and ATM manufacturers and security equipment manufacturers to work together, there have been a growing number of micro and small pinhole camera to be applied to ATM, where the owl Shenzhen Eagle Technology has launched a dedicated ATM miniature box cameras is one of them.

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