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HD-SDI Micro Mini Square Cameras

HD-SDI cameras are distinguished from the SDI camera HD camera。 HD from definitions in the field of broadcasting digital high-definition television HDTV, by the American Film and Television Engineers (SMPTE) to determine the HDTV standard, which supports 1080i (1920 × 1080, interlaced), 720P (1280 × 720, Progressive) , 1080P (1920 × 1080, progressive) three high-definition television standard; once again, a special requirement is 16:9 display mode and full frame rate。

HD-SDI signal can transmit about one hundred meters, and can use CVBS coaxial cable, it is usually applied in the field collecting signal transmission control devices and a hundred meters between the connections。 HD-SDI camera is a real-time uncompressed HD broadcasting level camera is another scientific and technological progress in the field of security monitoring, providing high-definition image source equipment for the monitoring center。

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